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Thinking about musical lawn fertilizers and more

    • Painting targets

      It’s really hard not to view Tennessee’s proposed law making all abortion providers’ names public as the legislative equivalent of a bounty. Just another reason we need more women in office. —Ken Miller, associate editor

    • Naked truth

      The footage of Jason Russell (who made the viral video about Ugandan guerilla Joseph Kony) buck naked and erratically pacing on a street corner is sad. Ironically, it will only boost the attention his project is getting. —Erin Ryan, staff writer

    • Plate mates

      Dear person who’s driving the H3 with the Nevada plate “BIZARO”: Please get in touch with me so I can introduce you to my magician friend Bizzaro. I think you two would get along. Or possibly be nemesi. —Rick Lax, staff writer

    • S.O.S.

      Among the drunks in green T-shirts, green beads, green wigs and an inexplicable gingerbread man costume at the O’Sheas block party were signs that read “Save O’Sheas.” I wonder if the people holding them were local. —Sarah Feldberg, editor

    • Inventors wanted

      I saw a landscaper pushing what I believed to be a musical lawn fertilizer, only to realize (sadly) that he merely had a transistor radio on him. —Kristen Peterson, staff writer

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