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Conversation starters: From Herman Cain to Shaquille O’Neal

    • Wanna bet?

      Political has-been Herman Cain was playing poker at Wynn last week, and apparently shouted, “Give me a 9-9-9!” during one hand of a three-card poker game, referring to the “9-9-9” plan he pushed during his failed GOP nomination bid. He told the New York Post, “9-9-9 is not only a winning tax plan, it is also a wining poker hand.” Given Cain’s quick fall from grace amid sexual harassment scandals and questionable knowledge of the country’s issues, we can’t help but wonder if he came up with the gambling strategy first.

    • Dirty business

      The nonprofit Center for Public Integrity’s recent “corruption risk report card” awarded Nevada a D-minus based on such criteria as lobbying disclosure, internal auditing, ethics enforcement agencies and the like. We’re hardly surprised, as Nevada seems to rank near the bottom of every “experts” list lately, but we do have one thing to point out: We still don’t have our sports arena yet. If this study is in any way true, we’d just like to point out to our government officials—you guys aren’t very good at this corruption stuff.

    • Love Shaq

      Shaquille O’Neal partied at Lavo at the Palazzo for his 40th birthday, at one point taking the mic and dedicating Joan Jett & The Blackhearts’ “I Love Rock ’n Roll” for all his “white friends in the house.” Shaq, we don’t have a problem with you feeling the need to single out “white friends,” but we do have a problem with you thinking the only thing that will unite us is music from the early 1980s. An even bigger problem? You’re probably right.


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