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Conversation starters: Bryce Harper’s MLB debut and more

    • Hunger lame

      Amazon had an “oops!” moment this week. A subway ad in Washington, D.C., showing a blown-up image of a Kindle page, just happened to be the first few hundred words of Mockingjay, the third book of the Hunger Games series and a major plot spoiler. It’s confusing why they wouldn’t just use the first chapter of, say, the first book in the series, but this is no big deal. After all, the great majority of Americans don’t read—and who’s going to stop to look at an ad in the subway, anyway?

    • Hair ball

      It was with great excitement that we watched Las Vegas’ own Bryce Harper make his major-league debut with the Nationals over the weekend at Dodger Stadium. From his speed on the basepaths to his batting to his fielding to his amazing arm, Harper lived up to the hype. That being said, what’s with the hair? It’s being described in the press as a “skullet,” but we prefer to describe it as a Mohawk he just let grow out. Let’s call it a “Morehawk.”

    • A story with teeth

      Okay, ladies, time to get real—what would you do to get even with a boyfriend who dumped you? If you’re London dentist Anna Mackowiak, that answer would be ... rip out all of his teeth. Yes, Mackowiak did exactly that when ex-beau Marek Olszewski scheduled an appointment with her for a toothache. Two things spring quickly to mind on this story: 1. What the hell was this guy thinking? Can’t he find a new dentist? 2. Hey, at least this woman wasn’t a urologist.


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