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Conversation starters: Dumb criminals keep coming back, and more

    • Crime doesn't pay out

      Why do we attract so many dumb criminals? The latest to join the roster is Michael Belton of Southern California, who attempted to pepper spray and rob a blackjack dealer of $115,000 in chips at the Bellagio earlier this week. Naturally, the wig-and-sunglasses-wearing Belton was subdued by employees and arrested, although other suspects are still at large. As big an idiot as this guy is, we give him a few begrudging brownie points for not bringing a loaded weapon to this caper.

    • Hardly working

      Hard to believe, but it’s true: The state of Nevada is having difficulty filling its vacant government jobs—more than 1,400 positions as of last week. No one seems sure of the reason (jobs don’t pay enough, perception of a hiring freeze, competition from the mining industry), but this news couldn’t have come at a better time. The Clark County School District is about to eliminate more than 1,000 positions. To all those soon-to-be-unemployed teachers and support staff, we think we may have a lead for you.

    • Senate-fold

      Former Nevada State Senator Elizabeth Halseth, who won in 2010 on a campaign of Christian family values, is a write-in candidate for Maxim’s “Hot 100” contest and can be seen on its website in a black bikini. This from a woman whose campaign once showed a photo of her opponent’s wife in a revealing evening dress with the caption, “Not Our Values.” There’s a lesson in irony here somewhere, but you’re probably busy looking at Liz’s boobs online right now.


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