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Conversation starters: From the housing market to a ‘Divorce Hotel’

    • An armed education

      Patrick Mendez, a corrections officer with the Nevada Department of Prisons, is challenging the College of Southern Nevada’s weapons policy, saying he should be allowed to carry his handgun on the campus as a student. While we agree Mendez needs to be able to defend himself at work, we highly question the need for a gun to be carried on the mean streets of the CSN campus. Unless, of course, those Econ 101 students get rowdy.

    • We have hotels, too

      Dutch entrepreneur Jim Halfens has created “Divorce Hotel” in the Netherlands. The service’s concept is simple: Unhappy couple checks into a hotel, spends a weekend meeting with lawyers and checks out with the papers signed. Forbes tagged the story with the headline: “Las Vegas is about to become irrelevant.” Huh? Apparently Forbes didn’t consider that couples getting divorced had to get married first. Drive-thru, Elvis-officiated, Strip wedding, anyone?

    • Safe as houses

      It’s with somewhat cautious fanfare that we get to say ... things might be looking up for Southern Nevada’s housing market. Home Builders Research says new home permits are up 40 percent from last year, and prices are up 6 percent to an average of $201,000. Sure, we’ll never see the age again where people could flip a house for a profit in a day, but if we have, in fact, hit bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up, right?


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