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1. They were split at the Nevada Test Site

6. Stu Ungar or Phil Hellmuth

15. Slopes at Lee Canyon?

17. Comedy show reaction

18. Shrek at the Hard Rock's Rehab

19. Not betting on Rice or Manning at the sports book? (three words)

20. Prefix for a fruit with blood-red seeds (with "the")

21. An Albuquerque triple-A player

22. VIP seats in an old-school lounge

24. "___ it ride"

25. Ruvo or Rawls

28. This Heat player drops lots o' cash in Vegas nightclubs

31. Robin Leach's reality show appearance: _____ Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

33. Golden Steer specialty

35. A local is _____ Vegan

36. Online discounts for Vegas hotel rooms?

39. Martin Lawrence Galleries' art deco artist

40. Nevada doesn't have a team in this pitching organization

41. Possible hip-hop name for Nevada Ballet Theatre's James Canfield and the like?

44. Charles Bock's novel set in Las Vegas

49. Witty Tannenbaum answer

50. Psychic _____ Book Shops

51. Distribute playing cards at a blackjack table

54. Secretly weds in Vegas

55. Nickname featured on the "last neighborhood bar"

56. Martini fruit

58. Sheri's Ranch rates, abbreviated

59. Word after Enigma or Secret

61. Sports organization pursued by Oscar Goodman

62. Records

65. "May the luck of the Irish _____ you" at McMullan's

67. Rapper shot in Las Vegas, formally

70. Giving full attention to

74. Abraham changes his name to Richard

76. Jon "Bones" Jones' 16-1-0

77. Rat Pack by 1970

78. Doris Day hit from the beginning?

79. Las Vegas wedding chapel sometimes

80. "Get Rich or Die _____"


1. An ace is an 11 or _____.

2. Double-fisting hipster dollar beers?

3. End of Monica's "Stay Or Go" when sung?

4. Latter-Day Saint

5. Taste of Sugar Factory's store

6. A holiday cocktail inspired by controversial singer Brown, lucky Brian and poker Johnny

7. 51s players, for example

8. Ghost town near Beatty, briefly

9. His Inferno or a Death Valley view?

10. What Moser does at the Thomas & Mack

11. Obama's mortgage aid program he recently discussed in Reno

12. Shoe repairman?

13. Laughing text response without "floor"

14. Backyard pond fish

15. Saint Tony Hsieh, abbrev.

16. No, slangily

23. What French president Francois Hollande would cash in to play poker in Las Vegas

26. Found in livestock feed

27. Jake Shimabukuro played it at the Henderson Pavilion last spring

28. Former Las Vegas sheriff

29. Globe Salon made this magazine's Top 100 list

30. Dip at Paymon's or Kabob Korner, briefly

32. What a UNLV professor might stand behind

34. Going to a picnic in Sunset Park? Text abbreviation for Take Extra Salad Dressing

36. Alternate spelling for a Paris Las Vegas landmark

37. Charitable water

38. Don't shake

41. Parent Teacher Assoc.

42. Bud _____

43. Music genre _____ rock

45. Maryland Pkwy. campus

46. Harry or Rory

47. Eyes, literally

48. Word preceding Reverb or Boneyard

51. Trump, Ho or Chareunsy

52. Beginning of entertainment writer Doug's surname

53. Common cold

55. Figure in the hepatitis scare

57. Whose red piano?

59. Justin Timberlake sometimes

60. Sad songs will make you _____ (two words)

63. Opposite of binge

64. What the feds did to mobsters, (with "on")

66. Philosopher who made a deal with the devil, but not in Sin City

68. Band leader Shaw loses an A on the marquee

69. Unit of land

71. Addressing a specific recipient on an envelope, abbrev.

72. His Italian restaurant at Caesars?

73. NASCAR slick sponsor or rock band acronym

74. Assoc. of Women in Math

75. Bighorn sheep may say this

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