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Conversation starters: From Cosmo’s ice rink to a new texting innovation


What was this guy thinking? This week, Henderson police arrested Tuy Thai for allegedly making “phantom” emergency calls—59 in two days. And that’s not all; officers suspect he might have made more than 3,600 fake emergency calls during the past year. The police staked him out and watched him allegedly make a 911 call, after which he claimed the phone was broken and ... dialed 911 by itself. He’s in jail with bail set at—how appropriate—$59,000. Wonder who this guy decided to dial with his one phone call.

To type or not to type

Texting too cumbersome? Check this out: A student in London has created a “virtual keyboard” for iPhones. The phone measures vibrations made by fingers tapping on a surface upon which it’s resting. The technology isn’t available yet, but probably will be soon, which is great news for those of us who still like to type the traditional way. When you consider that traditional keyboards may soon be obsolete, not to mention how frustrating it can be to “type” on an iPad, this is pretty cool stuff.

Ice, ice baby

Ice skating, anyone? The Cosmopolitan has announced it will transform its Boulevard Pool into an ice rink for the holidays. From November 30 to January 20, you can skate on real ice while enjoying fire pits, warm cocktails, s’mores and more. Not only that, there will be special themed nights, including Date Skate Mondays, Industry Skate on the Strip Wednesdays and the one we’re most looking forward to, Throwback Thursdays, featuring golden oldies and retro attire. Way to keep the space viable through the colder months, guys.


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