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Conversation starters: From Nevada’s new area code to 50 Cent’s boxing venture

In court ... again

Henderson resident Ana Prado, who was en route to a Boston court last weekend to face drug trafficking charges, was arrested for allegedly beating her dog while dressing for her court appearance in a bathroom at Boston’s South Station. She was released on her own recognizance, but her dog was surrendered to the Massachusetts Humane Society. We’re not sure how many people throughout history have been arrested on their way to court, but let’s forget about that and sincerely hope this woman never gets another pet.

Body blow

50 Cent was granted a boxing promoters’ license by the Nevada State Athletic Commission this week. His new company, SMS Promotions, has already signed four boxers, and he’s currently engaged in a bitter Twitter feud with Floyd Mayweather Jr., who apparently reneged on a deal to start a company with 50 once he got out of jail. One of the more recent tweets: “I can’t hang out with Floyd no more, I’m tired of running from manny pacquiao.”

Numbers game

We can almost hear the uproar now: Starting May 3, 2014, all local calls in Southern Nevada will have to be preceded by the area code. Apparently, available prefixes in the 702 code will be exhausted by then, necessitating the addition of a “725” area code. But at least you won’t be charged extra for the 10-digit call (or have to dial that annoying “1” first). Yeah, it’ll take some getting used to, especially for the land-line generation, but seriously, this one falls squarely under #firstworldproblems.


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