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Conversation starters: A party train from Vegas to California and more

Day of turkeys

We’re not sure why, but we can’t get enough of Metro’s dress-up program to promote pedestrian safety. Last week, an officer donned a turkey costume to draw attention to one of the most dangerous streets in the city. Nearly 100 drivers didn’t stop for the officer and were ticketed. How distracted are we when a giant turkey going for a stroll fails to slow us down?

Hangover Express

It’s full steam ahead for the Vegas-to-California party train! Last week, Las Vegas Railway Express struck an agreement with Union Pacific Railroad that will allow the planned X Train to run along the interstate rail, which hasn’t seen passengers since the late ’90s. But do Californians really want to get wasted before they even get to Vegas? Well, if the success of dayclubs has taught us anything, it’s that anytime you give 20-somethings a new opportunity to hear house music and get plastered, they’ll go for it. Next up: Overnight booze IVs.

Yes, we have no agents

Here’s something to keep Nevadans awake at night. According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, at least three dozen people in Northern Nevada failed backgrounds checks in the past year, but the guns they purchased have not been recovered, because the ATF no longer has agents in the area. It has to do with a “dispute” between the ATF office and federal prosecutors, but here’s the bottom line: Guns are clearly in the wrong hands. Just imagine the fallout that will occur should a crime be committed with any of the weapons in question.


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