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Conversation starters: Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier—again—in Las Vegas and more

The cups have it

Who knew Boulder City was right down the middle when it came to the presidential race? 7-Eleven’s coffee cup “campaign,” in which you get your coffee in either a blue or red cup, depending on party affiliation, is showing a 64-36 split in favor of Obama in Las Vegas, 55-45 in Henderson ... and 50-50 in Boulder City. Wonder if 7-Eleven would consider localizing this “poll” to include the Berkley-Heller race.

The right stuff again

Gotta love stories that just make you ... smile. Chuck Yeager—the guy who broke the sound barrier 65 years ago—repeated his historic feat last weekend, taking off from Nellis Air Force Base in an F-15 Eagle on Sunday at the age of 89! The event was timed to occur exactly 65 years to the minute from when he accomplished the feat in 1947. A few things were changed—Yeager originally took off from what is now Edwards AFB in California—but that doesn’t make this any less amazing.

No, Starbucks! No!

This might be the worst news we’ve received in some time. Starbucks, known as much for its hangout scene as for its coffee, is launching a pilot program of smaller, 500-square-foot stores that feature no seating, serving as either drive-throughs or walk-ups. There’s already one open in Denver, all part of the company’s attempt to be eco-friendly, and if it’s successful, Starbucks will replace some existing stores with this model. Now, we’re all for the environment, but ... Do. Not. Mess. With. Our. Free. Wi-Fi.


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