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Conversation starters: An upcoming bill to repeal the gay marriage ban and more

A Harry situation

You’ve all heard the cliché about the price of fame. No one knows that better this week than Carrie Reichert, a San Diego woman who claims she was present when Prince Harry got naked in Las Vegas. Turns out Reichert, who couldn’t wait to share her story with the tabloids, had a felony warrant out for her arrest for bad checks. She’s subsequently been arrested and is now awaiting extradition to Mississippi. Carrie’s probably wishing she remembered the Vegas cliché about stuff happening here staying here ...

Course behavior

Workplaces, schools, movie theaters ... and now golf courses. That’s right; Jeff Fleming, a Reno man, shot at some golfers last weekend for breaking a window of his Lakeridge Golf Course home. His shotgun blast hit one of them, who suffered minor injuries, and Fleming surrendered to police, so it ended as well as it could have, but seriously—who buys a home on a golf course and gets upset when his home gets hit with a golf ball? Dude, either move or get rid of the weapons. You can’t have both anymore.

Equal—what a concept

We have a new hero: Las Vegas Assemblyman Elliot Anderson, who plans to introduce a bill in February that would repeal the 2002 constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in Nevada. It’s not just his action that inspires us, it’s his position that attitudes have changed since 2002, and that “all people are created equal and we must make sure our constitution is not sideways on that issue.” In other words, public opinion changes, and government should respond when it does. Way to represent, Elliot.

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