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Conversation Starters: Airplane hijinks and sharing bikes

Upright position

File this firmly under “stupid airplane behavior.” Nevadan Daniel Drinan, 63, was arrested earlier this month for allegedly watching pornography on his laptop and fondling himself—on an airplane! Drinan is looking at 90 days in jail, although he’s out on his own recognizance on the condition that he not fly, including to future court appearances. Two quick questions for Drinan: 1. You couldn’t wait until the plane landed? 2. Don’t most planes have bathrooms?

Light sentence?

File this firmly under “stupid airplane behavior 2.0.” Las Vegan Michael Viera-Crespo Jr., 28, has been sentenced to eight months in jail for inappropriate use of a laser pointer. Crespo decided to point a green laser light into the cockpits of at least three commercial airliners approaching McCarran. Oh, and the guy has been in federal custody since March to boot. Hear that? It’s the sound of nearly blinded Broadway performers, baseball players and opera singers everywhere asking, “Can we put the guy away for life?”

Sharing good news

Here’s something we hope becomes a much bigger trend. This week, Las Vegas’ first private bike-share program will launch, complete with 10 Electra “Townie” bicycles. Granted, it’s starting small—it’s for the more than 1,000 tenants of the Molasky Corporate Center and IRS buildings—but you know what they say about humble beginnings. All we know is, the more bikes we see Downtown, the better. Zappos and City Hall—are you paying attention?

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