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Game of Thrones,’ ‘Absinthe’ and other things we’re thinking about this week

    • Game's afoot

      As excited as I am that Season 3 of HBO’s Game of Thrones is under way, I can’t help but wonder: At what point will they catch up with author George R.R. Martin, who still hasn’t finished Book 6? —Ken Miller, associate editor

    • Filthy anniversary

      Absinthe celebrated two years and 1,000 shows last Thursday at Caesars Palace. That’s a lot of full frontal from the Gazillionaire and profanity from Penny Pibbets’ sock puppets. —Don Chareunsy, contributing editor

    • Still got him

      After keeping Albert Pujols on my fantasy baseball roster for 12 years, I finally decided he’d gotten too expensive and threw him back … then promptly outbid my fellow owners for him at Saturday’s auction. As if they ever had a shot. —Spencer Patterson, managing editor

    • Canyon fan

      My new fave quickie hike is Anniversary Narrows at Lake Mead. It’s easy, beautiful and parent-friendly (unlike Absinthe). Go before it’s also unbearably hot (like Absinthe). —Sarah Feldberg, editor

    • Dead finale

      The Walking Dead is like an ex you keep taking back. I stuck around; I supported; I even forgave. In the end, I got a boring final episode that lacked any semblance of closure. Still, come October, I’ll be pining once again. —Andrea Domanick, staff writer

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