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Weekly staffers share their New Year’s resolutions

Ryan Lochte hosts at Azure Luxury Pool in the Palazzo on Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013.
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To wear actual pants.

The leggings had a good run. I got them in five colors and wore them everywhere, pretty much every day, until they were threadbare. To the point where a friend finally said: “You do realize I can see your underwear. Like, not just the outline.” They were incredibly comfortable (pajamas that look way better with boots!). But it’s time to try harder. And cover my ass. -Erin Ryan

To stop Internet shopping.

It’s one thing to window-shop at an actual brick-and-mortar, but browsing the Internet for that next must-have item sometimes feels like falling into a bottomless shopping pit, like Goro in Mortal Kombat (the movie, not the game). But instead of breaking Johnny Cage’s sunglasses, I want to buy them ... and everything else. Next thing I know, I’m spiraling to my proverbial death via shopping cart. 2014 will be the year I take my shopping offline, and a much better year for my wallet. -Leslie Ventura

To eat the classics and the greats.

Attempting to eat the entirety of Las Vegas is a big task. There are some classic restaurants I still have yet to experience, and a few greats I've gone too long without revisiting. I plan to cross everything off both these lists in 2014, likely starting with Le Cirque and Lotus of Siam. -Brock Radke

To start tipping at Starbucks.

In my humble opinion, pouring coffee in a cup and placing a lid on it—as opposed to making a more complex drink—does not merit a gratuity. Well, apparently that’s incorrect, if you listen to my wife, my friends and everyone on Facebook. So consider me properly guilted into tipping from now on. Or maybe I’ll just start going to the Chevron station and pouring it myself ... -Ken Miller

To walk to Provincetown.

My fantasy to walk across the country will finally come true this year, inspired by Phil Dunphy of Modern Family, who calculated the miles from LA to Canada and completed them on his elliptical machine. So, I’ll be walking to Provincetown on Cape Cod this year. Just 2,823 miles to go. -Kristen Peterson

To cook.

So my diet will not exactly mirror that of a college freshman. -Erin Ryan

To check my voicemail.

It’s not that I don’t care what you have to say, it’s just that I don’t want to spend two minutes listening to a scratchy recording of you half explaining it, so I can call you back and have the same conversation all over again. But this year I promise to hit the play button and hear you out ... just as soon as I get through the 83 unheard voicemails on my cell phone. -Sarah Feldberg

To sleep more.

Easier said than done for someone whose job title contains the word “night.” But getting eight hours of shut-eye is as elusive as a single-digit cocktail—and it’s not doing my brain or my body any favors. I may have to become the first person who sets his alarm to get into bed rather than out of it. -Mike Prevatt

To break into the Lochterage.

Whatever Ryan Lochte is (“douche” is the dominant descriptor), he’s incredibly unselfconscious, even as the world guffaws. Haters say he has terrible taste in everything (except maybe burritos), but he seems so sincere about it. And he does good things for good causes, people. And he’s fun! So fun! The man’s tweets make me feel bad about my life, not because good things don’t happen, but because I’m not nearly as appreciative. On Halloween, for instance, he tweeted: “Let’s sparkle like some Chardonnay!” I have no idea what he means, but I want to. -Erin Ryan

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