Dreaming of a ’90s R&B mega-mashup

Word is Beyoncé’s bringing the girls back for the halftime show. Think you’re ready for comeback jelly?
Photo: Tom Donoghue

A lot of music has been made since 1991, but “Motownphilly” still beats the skinny pants off most of it. It’s the anthem of Boyz II Men, R&B’s 60-million-record-selling golden boys, and it’ll be live during the band’s residency at the Mirage, starting March 1 (with dates through December). Before the Boyz settle in, the En Vogue divas will be giving us something we can feel at the Silverton, heralding a new album with a February 16 show. And before that, January 19-20, Babyface hits the Orleans. Anyone born in 1958 is probably Manface at this point, but we’ll take a ’90s comeback in any form. Like Destiny’s Child rocking a Super Bowl halftime performance (that’s the hopeful rumor, following an announcement of the group’s new single, “Nuclear”). Beyoncé and the girls would be great on their own, but we’re hoping for a Super Friends-style mashup. No wardrobe malfunctions, unless you count the cameo by P.M. Dawn.


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