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Time to play: the World Series of Poker is back

Illustration: Chris Morris

The World Series of Poker is underway again, stretching six weeks, from May 29 to July 15. By day, thousands of high-stakes pros, low-stakes grinders and Moneymaker wannabes are flocking to Rio to play. And by night, they filter out into the poker rooms at Aria, Venetian, Caesars, Mirage and Bally’s to keep the action going.

If you’re a local player, you might be wondering: Is this a good time or a bad time to play cash games on the Strip? I asked that question to poker player Ryan Robinson, who competes in tournaments (having banked a respectable $250,000) and used to live in Vegas and work as a high-stakes cash player. “This month is great poker for everyone,” Robinson says. “The rooms are filled with players of all skill levels. The smaller-stakes games would probably be more profitable if you’re a competent player. And the only place to play limit poker right now is Bally’s, because the Mega Beat jackpot is $850K.”

Of course, if you win the Mega Beat, you’ll want to spend $10,000 of that $850,000 on entering the WSOP’s Main Event. Pre-registration runs through June 22, and last year’s first-place finisher, Greg Merson, took home $8,531,853 for his efforts. So what are you waiting for? Go play some low-stakes poker already!

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