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Should Nevada’s speed limit be raised to 85 mph?

The XpressWest train is taking forever.

This 150-mile/hour XpressWest Vegas-to-LA train is taking forever. In July of last year, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board adopted a resolution supporting the XpressWest RRIF loan application, but still, this project feels like it’s a billion steps away from completion.

So what can we do in the meantime? What can we do to fulfill our need for speed? Nevada State Senator Don Gustavson has an idea. He recently introduced a bill that would allow the local Department of Transportation to increase our state’s speed limits to 85 mph.

Sound crazy? That’s nothing; at one point, Nevada’s speed limit was, officially, "Safe and Sane." Try arguing your way out of a speeding ticket under those guidelines.

The potentially increased speed limit would make the Vegas-to-Carson City drive more pleasant, but could also be used to create speed traps. But before the state Senate weighs those factors and votes on the bill, they should consider one last thing: Currently, one highway in Texas has an 85-mile-hour speed limit. So if we go with the bump, let’s bump up to 86. Nevada proud, right?

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