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Anthony Del Valle, 1952-2013

As Vegas’ non plus ultra theater critic, neither Del Valle’s withering scorn nor his effusive praise came in half measures. He gave all of himself to theater, and theater here will miss his ringing voice. -Jacob Coakley, theater critic

Half-dress you up

I will love Madonna for-evah, but she forgot the bottom half of her ensemble at Sunday’s 2013 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand. -Don Chareunsy, contributing editor

Legs of fury

Oh, Miguel ... You know how humans can be so cool until they fart in the elevator or stumble while crossing the street? It’s gonna be hard for you to have swag after hitting that girl in the face like a human horseshoe. -Erin Ryan, staff writer

No tip for you

I’m a firm believer in heavy tipping—for your waitress, for your delivery guy, for the person working the counter at Starbucks. But those awkward tunes some chains make their employees sing for every nickle in the cup? I’ll keep the change. -Sarah Feldberg, editor

A haiku for summer

Rollerblades and bikes

on dark suburban streets we

fly so fast at night

-Kristen Peterson, staff writer

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