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At Dream Racing, being in the club means owning a Ferrari F430 GT

Ferrari’s F430 GT is fast. So fast. And Dream Racing has a fleet.
Dream Racing

Dream Racing is about giving the average person an opportunity to get behind the wheel of a supercar on a real racetrack, whether its Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, McLaren or some other high-performance beast. But buying a few laps for a special occasion is different than holding that key and knowing it’s yours.

Enter Dream Racing’s exclusive new club. Limited to 10 members, it offers two years of racing, custom gear (from gloves and shoes to a fire-proof suit and personalized helmet) and maintenance, storage and—this is the kicker—ownership of a Ferrari F430 GT at the end of the term. Dues start at $400,000, and available upgrades include shipment of your car to other racetracks, exclusive road courses, the services of a telemetry technician, additional track days and more. It’s customizable, depending how much you want to spend.

News of the club broke last month, and nine spots remain. Whoever takes them will be entitled to 15 track days at Dream Racing each year, including a personal instructor and a pit crew. They’ll need it to handle the car and its 512-horsepower V8. “The engine features upgrades that you won’t find in any street-legal car, including an optimized air intake, an enhanced exhaust system and a racing ECU, which combine to provide more power and faster response to the accelerator,” states Dream Racing’s post on the new club, adding that its track is one of the few places in the world where all “speed junkies” can live the dream at 120 mph.

Case in point, even if you can’t afford to be in the club, for $500 you can learn how to drive like a boss in the 3D simulator, take five laps in the F430 and then chill out in the Dream Racing lounge like you own the place.

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