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‘Less pants, more science’: Sex toys from the mind of a physicist

It’s not a key chain. It’s a bionic strap-on.
Orgasmatronics Inc.

Tickle the Ambrosia Vibe, a strap-on invented by a quantum physicist, and a “sense vein” tells the vibrator in the device to respond, with pulse speed tied directly to pressure. It's pretty much the Furby of sex toys.

“Ambrosia responds like a real sex organ: Stroke it, push it, pull it, suck on it or put it inside someone in a rhythmic way, and it allows the user to feel the sexual stimulation through a vibrator built into the base,” says the soothing voice backed by soothing guitar in the promo video on Ambrosia's Indiegogo page. The campaign's goal is $32,000 (more than $19,000 had been raised as of this posting) to take it from prototype to “game-changing toy with all sorts of awesome possibilities ...”

A guide to the Ambrosia Vibe's "moves."

The inventor—known only as Dr. X. Treme—has quite a science pedigree. According to a press release, his expertise includes a doctorate in applied physics from Yale and a double degree from Berkeley in math and physics, as well as experience developing technologies in the quantum electronics field and managing research projects for the federal government. But he saw potential in sex technology and co-founded a company called Orgasmatronics Inc. aimed at “paving the road to new frontiers of human sexuality.”

“One of the most liberating uses for technology in general is to free individuals from the constraints of their bodies, whether it’s letting us see things hundreds of miles away, fly, or live underwater. Our technology lets people not born with a biological penis have a richer experience as they play with sensation of their new ‘organ.’ We hope that this improves people’s lives and makes them happier with whatever their sexual and gender identities are,” Dr. X. Treme explains in the release.

His Orgasmatronics team is said to be working on expanding the control aspect of sex toys, ranging from Bluetooth and local mesh networks to Internet interactions between people who are far away from each other. And this Star Trek-referencing nugget from the release is begging to be shared: “They are also working on strap-ons that can turn any body part into a functioning sexual organ. Ferengi ears, anyone?”

That playful tone is prominent in Ambrosia's promo video, from Dr. X. Treme's huge pink bowtie echoing the dildo on the prototype to his sweetly earnest, rapid-fire explanation of how this sex toy is able to play back. And, from the Indiegogo page, here's Orgasmatronics’ “mission(ary position)”:

Our motto: “less pants, more science,” reminds us to ignore traditional constraints and explore our creativity both in the lab and in the bedroom. It inspires us to push the boundaries of existing methods. To study new techniques. To invent. To make it possible for you to fulfill your sexual potential. Also, we hate wearing pants.

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