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New colosseum resident Mariah Carey arrives with appropriate glamour

Mariah Carey arrives at Caesars Palace on Monday, April 27, 2015, in Las Vegas.
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Fine crystal and Hello Kitty, Marilyn Monroe’s piano and a lingerie closet owning a ludicrous chunk of the 11,000-square-foot NYC penthouse she shared on her unforgettable episode of MTV Cribs. I always wanted to move in with Mariah Carey, curl up on the fainting couch in the kitchen of the multi-platinum musical phenom and just be in her diva glow.

Mariah Carey Arrival at Caesars

But she brought it to me, to all of Las Vegas, on April 27, sweeping into Caesars Palace for her Mariah #1 to Infinity residency. She appeared in a vintage pink roadster, rocking Jackie O shades and white feathers, with a caravan of mobile billboards devoted to her 18 sparkling No. 1 hits. Then centurions carried her through the property like Cleopatra, stopping at the Colosseum, where she’ll debut May 6.

Mariah is a superstar made for Vegas, as charismatic as she is exceptionally talented. This is a woman who famously StairMastered in stilettos, because it was funny and because it was so her. She has a thing for butterflies, maybe because when she soars she has the power to take us with her.

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