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Caffeine arena? A new Starbucks amps up people-watching on the Strip

A Starbucks on the Strip gets tiered seating. Let the
Chris Morris

Gladiators scrapped with lions at the Colosseum. Mayans dunked on stone hoops at the Great Ball Court of Chichen Itza. And now, in the world’s latest historically significant stadium seating, tourists can sip blended coffees and soak up the spectacle of Las Vegas Boulevard from a three-tiered bench inside a new Starbucks at Bally’s Grand Bazaar Shops.

Inspired by the terraced slopes of coffee-growing regions, the seating accommodates up to 40, and like coffee, we are amped. Will there be big cats? Sacrificial ball games? Who’s to say no? This is the Strip after all, the mystical keeper of dancing waters, imitation landmarks and a buffet of world-class people-watching. Anything could happen, and we want it to. The unfortunate flesh-colored leggings, the scrappy costumed characters, the Midwesterner who rocked a few too many booze-slushy guitars—yes, please. More, please. Thank you.

The shop opened August 10, and with the extravagant amount of time we plan to spend there, perhaps we’ll finally master Starbucks’ nomenclature. (Seriously, what does breve mean?) In any case, that gold card will be ours in no time.

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