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Second-by-second reactions to Mariah Carey’s ‘Infinity’ music video

Opening night of Mariah Carey’s “Mariah #1 to Infinity” at the Colosseum on Wednesday, May 6, 2015, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.
Photo: Mark Damon / Las Vegas News Bureau

Last week Vegas headliner Mariah Carey debuted her “Infinity” music video, shot exclusively at Caesars Palace, where Mimi performs again July 8-26. Naturally, we had to comment on the creative endeavor, second by enthralling second:

0:06 Is it just me, or does this feel like the long-lost end to Glitter?

0:15 Man, Caesars is really working that iconic Hangover shot.

0:33 We all saw Cribs. Let’s be honest, you know somebody got fired over the size of that closet.

0:49 The essential music-video product placement. Hey, at least it wasn’t a Samsung smartphone, right?

1:17 Look how casual Mimi is in her Caesars suite! What, you don’t lounge around in sequined evening gowns? How basic ...

1:31 Seriously? Definitely thought Mariah would be on Tinder.

1:51 This is Vegas, so naturally Mimi is going to match instantly with a muscled-up Chippendale, right? And he’s going to show up in the collar and cuffs, right? And he’s going to be model Tyson Beckford, right? Hashtag real life, y’all: #reallife

1:53 Um, he’s bouncing his pecs. That’s really happening right now.

1:58 You close that door! He was a creeper. A creeper Chippendale you met on That had “crash landing” written all over it.

2:31 Hey, at least this one showed up with some Champagne! And we know from that closet scene that you like your Champagne ...

3:10 “Imma bring her a puppy on the first date. Chicks love puppies.”

3:29 Where’s your selfie stick, Mimi?

3:49 This video was more annoyingly rom-com than a Katherine Heigl movie. Not an easy feat.

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