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In brief: Hartland Mansion for sale, Amazon calls Vegas ‘well-read’ and more

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Jason Harris, Erin Ryan, Mark Adams

Viral boobs

A friend bet Vegas-based model Gemma Jaxx that she couldn’t rest a Coke bottle between her breasts without the assistance of hands. She shot a video, and 6.2 million YouTube views later the #HoldACokeWithYourBoobs challenge is huge. Men and women around the world are uploading their own versions. And Jaxx is being heralded as a champion of breast cancer awareness—and demonized as a publicity whore. Though she’s not linked to any specific charity, she encourages people not only to do the challenge but also to get checked for breast cancer and donate to any charity they like. Gives new meaning to the old motto, “Things go better with Coke.” —Jason Harris

The Hartland Mansion


At Sixth Street and Park Paseo in Downtown Las Vegas sits the candy-colored Hartland Mansion, a sprawling 31,000-square-foot single-family home inspired by just about everything. Not only is the famous mansion dripping with an Elvis-meets-Marie Antoinette-meets-Disneyland chic, the place The New York Times once described as “glue-gunned to perfection,” is for sale. Got an extra $3.5 million? —Kristen Peterson

Feeling bookish

Las Vegas might not be the best example of a literate city (we’ll point to Nevada’s high school graduation rates), but at least Amazon thinks we’re well-read. The online retailer released its Top 20 Most Well-Read Cities last week, and purchases made by Valley residents—for both print and Kindle versions of books, magazines and newspapers—put Las Vegas third, trailing only Seattle and Portland. Las Vegans apparently also purchased the most romance titles, which begs the question: What exactly does “well-read” mean? —Mark Adams

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