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Classical radio: KCNV will broadcast the Philharmonic’s live performances

The Las Vegas Philharmonic’s concerts will soon be broadcasted on KCNV.
Todd Rosenberg

Since becoming the Las Vegas Philharmonic’s music director, Donato Cabrera has rehearsed with student orchestras, talked with senior groups, invited entire audiences to Mundo restaurant for post-concert meet-ups and introduced the orchestra whenever and wherever he could. This weekend he’ll be in homes, cars and backyards, riding the airwaves of Nevada Public Radio's classical station KCNV with host Dave Becker in a new partnership to broadcast Philharmonic performances on Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings—bringing this season’s concerts to larger audiences in live recordings preceded by conversations with the maestro.

It’s Cabrera’s reminder that the Philharmonic is for “everyone,” a sentiment spelled out in programming with the words “Your Symphony Orchestra” under its name. “Many local radio stations throughout the country rebroadcast the performances of their local orchestra, and our community deserves the same,” he says. We couldn’t agree more. Beginning April 24, those who missed opening night’s Beethoven and Brahms with guest pianist Andrew Tyson last September can tune in. Seven concerts from the current season will be presented in full, with Cabrera and Becker discussing the works beforehand. Programs air Sundays at 2 p.m. and Mondays at 9 p.m.

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