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New Downtown bar to Huntridge contributors: Drinks on us!

Curtis Joe Walker, Photo Bang Bang

Remember that 2013 Save the Huntridge Indiegogo campaign? Its contributors are now welcome to a new, unofficial perk, thanks to forthcoming Arts District tavern/antique store ReBAR.

The bar’s owner, Derek Stonebarger—whose participation in that campaign was limited to a financial donation and loan of the URL he owns—came up with the idea of gifting those donors while devising his own Indiegogo fundraiser for ReBAR, which needs a final $10,000 for finishing touches. He had heard numerous complaints about crowdfunding after the Huntridge effort officially stalled in 2015, and figured out a two-pronged way to promote his new business, incentivize participation and, in his words, “bring the community back together and reward the people who donated [in 2013].”

Save the Huntridge contributors are encouraged to visit ReBAR (slated to open at 1225 S. Main Street in early June) before December 31, log into their Indiegogo account and show a bartender or staffer proof of their participation. The result: a tab equal to their donation but not exceeding $50, to be used during that visit.

Additionally, anyone can visit ReBAR’s website before June 1 and contribute to the establishment’s new Indiegogo campaign by way of prepaying for a $25 or higher tab, which includes incentives such as special-event invites, T-shirts and more. (Perks for larger bar credits include a founder’s stein, which ReBar will keep and wash for the contributor’s future use, and smaller donations will still come with a free cocktail or two.) So far, the push is exceeding expectations, with Stonebarger raising over $7,000 in its first 15 hours.

Both tabs are good for drinks, food and merchandise—an important distinction, given that the ReBAR concept allows patrons to purchase not only merchandise, but objects they might be using in the bar. “It’s literally an antique shop where you can drink and buy whatever you’re looking at,” Stonebarger says. “I tend to spend a little more money than I had planned when I’m drinking. Maybe I’m not the only one.”

As for the food part, ReBAR will eventually offer a limited menu, anchored by a locally sourced sandwich featuring sausage from John Mull’s Meats and a pretzel roll from Great Buns Bakery. “As Great Buns told me, we can’t wait to put John Mull’s meat between our buns,” Stonebarger says. And those who can’t wait to pay for such potential deliciousness don’t have to.

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