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One man’s junk is someone else’s masterpiece

Marvin Lucas

Not that long ago, men sent love letters to prospective mates. Now, they might send a text, followed by a photo of their junk—which the recipient could ostensibly forward to his or her social circle, a Tumblr page celebrating nude selfies or an art exhibit such as the (ahem) pop-up scheduled for June at Sin City Gallery. The Downtown art space recently put out a submission call for its latest curated titillation—working title: Dick Pic Show. It aims to both celebrate men and their genitalia and address how the modern male candid is used and disseminated for seduction purposes. Lectures and how-to discussions will accompany the three-week show.

Its genesis was as casual as a Tinder swipe. “I was sitting with a girlfriend for a drink when she got a dick pic out of the blue,” says Sin City Gallery owner Laura Henkel. “We started talking about it and began to share random photos that we received. The entire bar got involved, and it was pretty evident that men like to send pics of their dicks to girls, and the reaction from the females was ‘meh.’ Of course, it’s different if you ask boys who are into boys ... that takes on an entirely new vibe.”

Submissions (photos and illustrations) and queries can be sent to [email protected] through May 1.

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