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In brief: Vegas PBS’ ‘Outdoor Nevada’ returns, Uber adds more features

Are Uber and Lyft drivers replacing taxicab drivers? A Brookings report aimed to find out.
Photo: Daniel Rothberg


If ride-hailing wasn’t enough to keep Uber users happy, the San Francisco company launched Uber Trip Experiences, a platform that enables third-party developers to create customized content in the app based on the length of a trip. Potential applications include playlists, newscasts, local guides and smart-home light and thermostat controls. The tech seems geared toward Spotify, Yelp and Nest, which we’re cool with as long as there are no Farmville invites. –Kristy Totten


From Red Rock’s towering sandstone to the icy blue waters of Lake Tahoe, Nevada’s diverse environment is a perfect playground for adventurous types. Soon, Vegas PBS will again entice locals to explore that terrain, with the January 27 relaunch of Outdoor Nevada. New episodes of the weekly program will dive into the state’s natural history and feature exciting excursions—everything from snowshoeing the Ruby Mountains to hunting for Moapa Valley’s glowing scorpions. –Mark Adams

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