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Weekly Q&A

The sex educator and owner of Detroit's Spectrum boutique brings her humor and expertise to AVN.

Zoë Ligon—aka @Thongria—preaches body-safe sex products and indie retailers

January 23rd, 2018

The sex educator and owner of Detroit's Spectrum boutique brings her humor and expertise to AVN.

  • “Compared to my Ohio life, people are more positive here, more responsive to literary things.”

  • “We break down all the barriers that led them to become homeless, so they can become self-sufficient and sustain on their own.”

  • "When someone who’s not used to looking at art is in a tour here at the Barrick and you see that light bulb go off, ...

  • "I try to make it as easy as possible. Elopements should be really simple, and they can be really beautiful."

  • "This opened up an opportunity for me to be able to use my craft and help people with their medical conditions."

  • "People know now they can see great artists in beautiful shows and frankly, that’s the most compelling content."

  • I'll Sleep When I'm Dead is worth watching whether you're an Aoki fan or not.

  • The four-time Emmy-nominated choreographer keeps busy with TV's most popular dance shows.

  • It was time for a cocktail with UNLV's beloved journalism professor.

  • He likely played a major part in your childhood without you knowing.

  • "I recognized that it’s a real epidemic—bullying, harassment, discrimination of LGBT youth in schools—and I wanted to do something about that."

  • The organization's message is simple: "Get outside, Las Vegas!"

  • Weekly Q&A with cinephile Vivian Martin: “The story for me is the most important. What keeps me interested, what keeps me guessing. I don’t like ...

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    Chilli is hoping TLC can set up a Las Vegas residency sometime soon.

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    The actor's bluesy rock-and-roll show comes to the Red Rock Resort on July 13.

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    There are so many new shows at Westgate, it's almost too much to keep up with. Almost.

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    I think people are looking for the next thing [in Las Vegas], and this could be that next thing like Absinthe was in 2011.

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    Natural wellness is a hot topic—and a lucrative one. There are scores of teas, essential oils, tinctures and supplements that contain powerful properties to help ...

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    The journey through cartel-controlled states in Mexico is safer than what they face in Central America’s Northern Triangle, comprised of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

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    The happy, helmeted DJ plays XS and Encore Beach Club July 14 and 15.

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    It was a circuitous route that landed Las Vegas its best current gelato shop.

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    Saturday brings a set from one of the classic voices of Bad Boy’s golden era.

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    The selection of ready-to-go sandwiches and pastries included the hearty mozzarella onion bread, essentially an exploded baguette bursting with cheese, herbs and onions.

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    Executive chef Shaun King and his crew have created new dishes for you to sample.

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    It’s a breakup song that makes you feel good, especially in the still-hot wee hours of a summer night.

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    Galantis at XS and DJ Five at Tao.

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    Like her fictional counterpart, local 10-year-old Teah DeStefano dreams of entertainment stardom.