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The sex educator and owner of Detroit's Spectrum boutique brings her humor and expertise to AVN.

Zoë Ligon—aka @Thongria—preaches body-safe sex products and indie retailers

January 23rd, 2018

The sex educator and owner of Detroit's Spectrum boutique brings her humor and expertise to AVN.

  • “Compared to my Ohio life, people are more positive here, more responsive to literary things.”

  • “We break down all the barriers that led them to become homeless, so they can become self-sufficient and sustain on their own.”

  • "When someone who’s not used to looking at art is in a tour here at the Barrick and you see that light bulb go off, ...

  • "I try to make it as easy as possible. Elopements should be really simple, and they can be really beautiful."

  • "This opened up an opportunity for me to be able to use my craft and help people with their medical conditions."

  • "People know now they can see great artists in beautiful shows and frankly, that’s the most compelling content."

  • I'll Sleep When I'm Dead is worth watching whether you're an Aoki fan or not.

  • The four-time Emmy-nominated choreographer keeps busy with TV's most popular dance shows.

  • It was time for a cocktail with UNLV's beloved journalism professor.

  • He likely played a major part in your childhood without you knowing.

  • "I recognized that it’s a real epidemic—bullying, harassment, discrimination of LGBT youth in schools—and I wanted to do something about that."

  • The organization's message is simple: "Get outside, Las Vegas!"

  • Weekly Q&A with cinephile Vivian Martin: “The story for me is the most important. What keeps me interested, what keeps me guessing. I don’t like ...

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    As far as they know, they’re the first “openly married” prostitutes to work together in Nevada’s 20 legal brothels scattered across rural parts of the ...

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    William Karlsson sighs when asked the question he’s grown accustomed to getting—and tired of answering. Any updates on a long-term contract with the Golden Knights?

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    Under a reform bill, anyone arrested for a crime who is able to pay their bail would be permitted to post it and get out ...

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    The local tavern group has purchased six Putter's bars and has already opened five.

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    Nevada is coming up on two years of legalized marijuana. While a few of the issues that have surfaced under legalization were taken up by ...

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    The party drew nearly 14,000 guests over the course of its 2018 season, and 2019 appears poised to be even bigger.

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    While owning office space isn’t something that all small-practice medical professionals are in a position to do, the idea is becoming more popular in the ...

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    We’ve all seen pictures of fascinating outfits at Burning Man or the Electric Daisy Carnival and wondered where they came from and whether we could ...

  • Features

    “People want to be entertained, but they can’t always go to the movies or Cirque. Wrestling it just another entertainment option here”

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    “I think I’m kind of like everyone’s lucky rabbit foot,” he says of his sustained success in Vegas. “I was there when people were saying ...

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    Hellyeah: A Celebration of the Life of Vinnie Paul will bring the group back together onstage at House of Blues for one night only, the ...

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    Some local thoroughfares—with their wide, multiple lanes and high speed limits—are designed for drivers to navigate through the vastness of the rolling desert. But that ...

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    Among the highlights is Favela’s “Untitled (Muppet Pile),” featuring eight Jim Henson creations, from Slimey to Snuffleupagus, in a belly-up heap. Rendered life-size in piñata ...

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    The logistics behind the stages are so in-depth, planning for EDC 2020 has already started.

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    It’s an elegant gem of a meeting space, where time slows down and the smallest luxuries can be appreciated.

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    A few May 12 suggestions, from Cleo to Masso Osteria.

  • Taste

    The Waldorf Astoria, the Four Seasons and Rí Rá will treat her right.

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    The pop star is in a particularly awe-inspiring groove right now. In the past year, she has released two full-lengths, 2018’s ‘Sweetener’ and February’s ‘Thank ...

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    “I find it easier to rock, because you’re creating all this energy and sound. But it’s very mature to be able to groove and take ...

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    “It’s a city for dreamers, you know. Anything you can dream up is possible here. That idea was concreted when I moved to Washington and ...