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Genres: Industrial, Metal, Punk, Rap, Rock

Our mission or goal as you will, is to perform a live show that NO ONE can forget!!! And by "2012" being as commercial as possible, (which basically means, the music was made to meet the demographics standards of what the majority of the people like) using theatrics, and being the most energetic artist out there!?! There's not a lot standing in our way except for time. The band "2012" has a purpose besides to just the playing music. We want to inspire and help people out, show the difference between right and wrong and basically just putting on the MOST kick ass show with such HIGH amounts of ENERGY packed in the midst that you'll be left standing there wanting more and more and more....

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Plastik Girlz
Wonder Why
r0ckg0d – Vocals
Suitor – Vocals
Sir Strange – Guitar
Troy Rox – Bass
Dickzilla – Drums
J Deville – Technics
2009, Las Vegas, NV
Music with lots of feeling in it and energy.
Current status
Recording debut album