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Genres: Jam, Rock, Roots

Hailing from the City of Sin Las Vegas Nevada, in August of 2008, Guitarist Rob "Shipwreck" Dylan and Drummer Tommy "Tom Kat" Mackay formed a band looking to bring good music back to the modern rock scene. After a few weeks of jamming and working out tunes all the band was missing was the final pieces of the puzzle: a bassist and singer. Out of the blue, old friends bassist L-Train and vocalist Cory "The Darr" Darr called saying they needed a guitarist and drummer, so they got together to see what kind of musical fusion they could create. The match was a perfect fit. The four of them began writing material and playing shows here and there to get by. It had come to be that Alleyways was officially formed and ready to rock.

"We're here to bring good music to the world and let people know what we are all about and we will keep doing this until the end of time. we're here to stay and show the world that music is alive and has soul. We will ROCK HARD OR DIE TRYING to make a difference in the music world."

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Rob ""Shipwreck"" Dylan – Lead guitar
Tommy "Tom Kat" Mackay – Drums
Lionel "L-train" Stoxsell – Bass
Cory Darr – Vocals
2008, Las Vegas, NV
The Doors, Bob Dylan, Velvet Underground, New york dolls, Johnny thunders, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Ventures, ROCK N ROLL.
Current status
Writing, looking to record our full album