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Anchor Drive

Anchor Drive

Genre: Rock

Anchor Drive was formed in July of 2008 from the members of two bands from completely different styles of music. Luis Villas (Guitar) and Tony Ter Avest (Drums), having played together for close to six years, were looking for the next project to take on. While browsing around on the internet they came across the brother sister combo of Stephan Bushard (Bass) and Bethanni Bushard (Vocals), who were also looking to complete their line-up.

Stephan and Bethanni had just finished recording their first album, Celestial Bliss, with Keith Cooper of Chamberlain Records in Hollywood, CA. While recording, Keith suggested that they take steps to form a complete band. Up until this point they had been writing material acoustically, with Stephan playing guitar and singing and Bethanni holding down the majority of the vocals. Taking Keith’s suggestion to heart, they put an ad on Craigslist, where Tony and Luis ran across it.

Luis and Tony met in 2002 and started jamming together not long after they first realized they shared a mutual love for music. After just playing around off and on for about a year, Tony joined a band called Dawn of Defeat. It wasn’t long after Tony joined D.O.D that Luis was regularly hanging out at practices. It didn’t take long for the band to see the talent that Luis presented and it was a no-brainer to add him as the lead guitarist. D.O.D was a typical Vegas metal band and did well in the Las Vegas music scene for about two years. After the singer for D.O.D was deployed to Iraq the band decided to call it quits. Luis and Tony weren’t ready to stop there, so they started looking to form a new project with a more mainstream sound.

It wasn’t long after the four of them sat down in a room together that everyone could feel the chemistry in the air. The first hurdle they had to overcome was a bass player. After spending time searching for the right bass player and working on merging the two styles together, they came to the conclusion that it might be easier to stay with just the four of them. Stephan stepped up and decided to take the reins and play bass so that they could move forward. This turned out to be an advantage: he takes on about 30% of the bands overall vocals and playing bass freed him up to focus on his voice and allowed Luis to tackle the complicated riffage required to make their new sound work.

By the end of August '08, having solidified the line-up, the band went into the studio to lay down the first eight tracks for their demo. It took them about two weeks to bang out all eight tracks. Currently they are playing shows anywhere and everywhere, enjoying and expressing their shared passion for playing. Anchor Drive thrives on stage--it’s ultimately where they all love to be. They bring 110% to every performance, whether it be for 5 people or 50. If you had to choose a word to sum up this band, it's ENERGY!

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Breaking the Silence
Falling Numb
Tony Ter Avest – Drums
Luis Villas – Guitar, Vocals
Stephan Bushard – Bass, Vocals
Bethanni Bushard – Vocals
2008, Las Vegas, NV
Paramore, Flyleaf, Evanescence, Killswitch Engage, Chevelle
Current status
writing, performing