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Genre: Hip hop
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Clear the Air, also known as CTA is AP's first and only mix tape to date. However, he is hardly new to the local rap scene, having already garnered respect for his unique, real life approach to music. His considers his music to be the answer to adversity and "the home away from home" to all major dilemmas that remain present in his everyday life. He avoids gloating about material items and experiences he has yet to endure. His route of evolution as an artist was through the production path, and from there he vowed to make his impression on the game as a vocalist.

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Feelin' Lovely
AP – Vocals
2005, Las Vegas, NV
Jay-Z, Eminem, Joell Ortiz, Crooked-I, Drake, Bob Marley.
Current status
Writing and recording.
Clear the AirClear the Air
Released: 2009