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Genres: Ambient, Indie rock, Psychedelic
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Originating as a genus of freshwater diatoms susceptible to chytridiomycota infestations, Asterionella has evolved over the millennia, presently taking the form of a shoegazing space rock band from Las Vegas. With
influences as disparate as UK Madchester bands and modern noise-rock and pop outfits, Asterionella creates a sound that melds swirling melodies with post-rock arrangements, all of which is layered with a warm, ambient veneer reminiscent of the 90s shoegaze movement. And as the diatom from which it takes its name is composed of cells joined at the apex by mucilage pads to form spiral colonies, the four seasoned musicians
comprising Asterionella are joined by a common passion for crafting intelligent & challenging, yet catchy music that invigorates the soul, captures the imagination, or at the very least never bores. Formed in the fall of 2008 and the lineup finalized in the summer of 2009-Asterionella continues to press on, practicing, writing, performing and recording new music.

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Push Back the Sea
Stephen Miller – Bass
Richard Polk – Guitar, Vocals
Kelley Karas – Guitar, Vocals
Aaron Cannon – Drums
2008, Las Vegas, NV
Jimmy Eat World, Mono, Radiohead, Incubus, Liz Phair, Dandy Warhols, Oasis, Brandtson, The Matches, Verve
Current status
Recording, booking shows