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Black Camaro

Black Camaro

Genres: Blues, Rock
Web site:

It started out with Tom and Brian recording songs on a 16 track recorder. Roughly two years went by before they realized that these songs needed to be released in some form. It was never supposed to be a band. They made 350 copies of their first CD and sold out before their first concert. Many people suggested they should play live so they formed a band and released two full length albums, one EP, one DVD spanning the first five years of the band, traveled on three U.S. tours and have pulled off some pretty wild stunts.

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Miniature Panthers
Sal's Drugs
The Dawn's Early Light
Waste My Ears
Scott Trujillo – Drums, Vocals
Brian Garth – Guitar, Vocals
Rick Miller – Bass, Vocals
Jimi "Fuzz" Berg – Congas, Guitar, Vocals
Thomas Miller – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
2003, Las Vegas, NV
T-Rex, Lindsay Buckingham, Piper Atgod, George Lucas
Current status
Playing locally
White People Fucked Up the BluesWhite People Fucked Up the Blues
Released: 2003
Miniature PanthersMiniature Panthers
Released: 2005
Hang GliderHang Glider
Released: 2005
The Black Camaro Variety ShowThe Black Camaro Variety Show
Released: 2008
Pistachio MySpacePistachio MySpace
Released: 2008
Radio CapricornRadio Capricorn
Released: 2009