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Blue Vino

Blue Vino

Genres: Experimental/Noise, Progressive
Web site:

Singer/songwriter Bo Hotchkiss moved to Las Vegas to form a band in 2006. Finding it difficult to recruit a keyboardist, Bo taught himself how to play the keyboard in a matter of a year or so. After joining and leaving several bands, as well as searching for band members for this project, Blue Vino, Bo stumbled on Warren Michaels. After just one jam session, Warren was Blue Vino's official drummer. Warren has been with the band since 2008 and continues to enjoy making music he calls, "fresh and new, like nobody else is doing."

After going through countless third band members, as well as performing shows sometimes as s two-piece, they auditioned August Ficarrotta, a fast playing and creative bassist from New York. August, or "Auggy" has been with Blue Vino for just a couple of months and has performed several shows with the band.

The music was strange and different (in a refreshing way) from the start and continues to get better as they continue to tap into their fanbase: people who have been waiting and wondering, "what happened to good music from the heart, instead of marketed music from the wallet?"

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Bo Hotchkiss – Keyboard, Vocals
Warren Michaels – Drums, Vocals
Shocker – Guitar
2008, Las Vegas, NV
King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Tool, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, Tangerine Dream.
Current status
Performing, growing fan-base, writing new music.