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Genre: Indie rock
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Formed February 2008, Las Vegas locals Terry Fusco and Michael Bland came up with the band name in tribute to their favorite watering hole/dive bar Calico Jacks. This is where all the ideas, visions (mostly double) and hangovers were birthed. Many long nights were, and still are, spent constructing and planning every chess-like move of the band. Working out strategies of not only writing, but performing songs they knew would be too complex for a simple guitar and drummer combo. Lengthy sessions in the studio are spent rearranging and sometimes rewriting songs three or four times to get that overwhelming and thunderistic sound Calicos now brings to every show.

Calicos is currently juggling the task of playing shows and recording their first album, to be completed in 2009. Calicos has now recruited Bass player Ronnie Cortese for live shows.

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Something Wrong
Terry Fusco – Guitar, Vocals
Michael Bland – Drums
Ronnie Cortese – Bass
2008, Las Vegas, NV
Nine Inch Nails, Silverchair, Tool, Ozma,Team Sleep, Faith No More
Current status
Playing locally in support of upcoming full length release.