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Genre: Dance
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Calvary is an electronic band and DJ outfit based in Las Vegas. Since their conception three years ago, the band has focused on getting a raw energy out of whatever is being used in the music making process; be it guitars, analog synthesizers, or aged recording gear. Such focus was the means for producing tracks with extremely diverse sonic achievements. Scouring the vault of Calvary's released (and unreleased) tracks rewards you with early electro, new wave, techno and even metal songs. Calvary believes that the true power and future of music is the mixing and ultimate breaking of genres, and any influence and technique you get from one type of music is useful in another. It is also its sincere belief that lyrics in dance music do not need to be about love, the club, or going out to the club to find love. Any opportunity to tell a dark story in a track is a good one. When not in the studio, Calvary likes to DJ the music it loves for the adoration of you and your friends. A Calvary DJ set is an ever-evolving, unplanned experience that lends itself to whatever environment it is currently in and is a chance to hear unreleased Calvary edits, remixes and even original tracks.

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Assault on Miami
Xon Loi, I am Animal Machine
Jordan Passmore – Bass, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Vocals
Nadia Ayala – Keyboards, Vocals
2007, Las Vegas, NV
Giorgio Moroder, New Order, Fad Gadget.
Current status
Always recording, always writing.
No Album ArtIssue
Released: 2008
No Album ArtUnassociate EP