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Genres: Hardcore, Indie rock, Music Issue 2011
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The Henderson outfit began playing together in 2005, when guitarist Matt Frantom, bassist Cory Van Cleef and drummer George Foskaris were chums at Green Valley High. A few months later, they added guitarist Dillon Shines, Van Cleef’s bandmate in The Tramlines. The lineup wasn’t truly solidified, however, until singer Mike R. approached the quartet after one of its high-energy all-ages shows and announced he wanted in.

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Girth Impressions
Dillon Shines – Guitar
Mike R. – Vocals
George Foskaris – Drums
Cory Van Cleef – Bass
Matt Frantom – Guitar
2005, Henderson, NV
life/death, old/new times, war/peace, progression/destruction, sweetie pies and shady ladies.
Current status
Playing locally/touring