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Genres: Electro, Indie rock, Pop
Web site:

cheapPLASTIK! is a visionary form of electro-pop, consisting of massive 80’s-influenced rhythms and catchy choruses. Their blend of driving beats and exploding synth lines will have your body moving all night. Formed in February of 2009, cheapPLASTIK! began to take the city of Las Vegas by surprise, one show at a time.

The three-piece band plays from underneath the lights of Las Vegas, NV which they call home. “This project really took off when Amy and Billy jumped on board…” says Ish Sanchez, programmer and synth player for the band.

Twenty six year-old Sanchez was born in Los Angeles, CA and has studied music since early age. He attended the music program at the College of Nevada. He had no recent success until spotting Amy Todd at an audition in Las Vegas while he was playing for a different band. Her voice and talent captivated him right from the beginning. After forming a side project with Todd, Ish split from his old band and devoted all of his time to getting himself and Amy off to a good start.

Todd hails from Hartland, WI. Her passion for music greatly overtook her dedication to her schoolwork when she decided to leave college at the age of 20. After working with various people for a year, Amy made the decision to move to Las Vegas to increase her chances of finding a band to run with. After finding Sanchez, the two of them knew they wanted someone else to collaborate with. It only took about two weeks of running ads before they met Billy Brett.

Billy Brett from Torrance, CA became the Drummer for cheapPLASTIK! He’s been playing drums since he was 12. He’s into tattoos and other forms of expression, especially: dancing, piercings, and all forms of music. His individual influences include Joey Castillo from Queens of The Stone Age, Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters, and of course, none other than Travis Barker of Blink 182. 

cheapPLASTIK! is becoming one of the hottest acts in Las Vegas and are planning to do festivals later on in the year.

cheapPLASTIK! is currently recording with DJ Jeffery Thomas and DJ Mikey Swift at the M.E.R.C. Studios.

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City of Partiers
Make 'em Say
Amy Todd – Vocals
Ish Sanchez – Guitar, Keyboard, Programmer
William Brett – Drums
2009, Las Vegas, NV
Lily Allen, Alanis Morissette, Gwen Stefani, Bloody Beet Roots, New Order, Cobra Starship, Travis Barker, Joey Castillo, Dave Grohl, Queens of the Stone Age, Blink 182 and Crystal Castles
Current status
Residency @ FLEX and performing locally while recording with DJ Jeffery Thomas and DJ Mikey Swift at the M.E.R.C. Studios.