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Cutthroat Cadavers

Cutthroat Cadavers

Genres: Hardcore, Hip hop
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The Cutthroat Cadavers originally formed in 2003 as a group of friends who started rapping as way to express themselves. Growing up in the neon capital of the world (Las Vegas), the group is a product of their enviornment. They became lyrical tour guides, showing societies best & worst through a kaleidoscope of Sin. As time went on they knew they had a lot to offer in the form of songs as a way to explain an outlook that has long since passed. The three individuals (VYRIZ,JESTA,& CAStLE) found their message. They started drafting an idea that all of them could relate to. That's when It became serious. They made their first song as a precursor to what would be. The Holy Trinity was born. Having profound thoughts and unremarkable lyrical talent would take them to the next level... That was until the whole thing hit a giant stand still. All of the original tracks were stolen off with a laptop with the groups beginnings, and as a result the group had to rebuild. At times, all seemed hopeless. That was until 2008 when the spark reignited. The project took full direction, the group began to work on the album: "Hope Through The Blood And Tragedy." The Cadavers were born again from vengeance are ready to destroy the minds of the weak. "Hope Through The Blood And Tragedy" was released on July 28, 2009 with little spotlight. CTC will stop at nothing to become the most dominating force in the underground music industry.

“We started off slow, now we’re coming at you fledged” - Jesta

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Hara Kiri
Sudden Death
VYRIZ – Vocals
Jesta – Vocals
Castle – Vocals
2003, Las Vegas, NV
Tech N9ne, WU-Tang Clan, Necro,The Weathermen
Current status
Writing, recording, performing, performing locally
Hope Through The Blood And TragedyHope Through The Blood And Tragedy