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Dead Birds and Blind Kids

Dead Birds and Blind Kids

Genre: Punk rock
Web site:

If one thing could be said about Dead Birds and Blind Kids, it's that they are definitely a band.
If two things could be said, (presumptively including the first thing but adding an additional thing), it would be that they play punk rock music.
A third thing that could be said, if one were so inclined, might be that they are awesome.
Awesome, that is, to the person who was so inclined to bring up the third thing in the first place.

Other DB&BK-Related Points of Interest:
*No love songs
*No eyeliner
*No tight pants
*No effeminate singing during choruses or otherwise
*No "tough-guy" Ian MacKaye-wannabe screaming
*No overtly "Nu-Metal" breakdowns
*No songs dealing with "The System" or the fucking thereof.
*No chance of becoming commercially successful - i.e.: owning their CD will never diminish your street cred.

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Free MP3s:
Nightmare on Maryland Parkway
You Are the Reason I Drink
Avran – Guitar, Vocals
Nick – Guitar
Trent – Guitar, Vocals
2006, Las Vegas, NV
They Might Be Giants, The Ramones, The Lillingtons, The Vindictives, The Nobodys, Screeching Weasel
Current status
Rocking your face off the place where your face used to be when you had a face before it was rocked the hell right off by us.
If It Bleeds...We Can Kill ItIf It Bleeds...We Can Kill It