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Genres: Hardcore, Metal

diM. was formed in February of 2006. The band shared a common interest in heavy music. It was Mike’s (Knuckillz) grinding Slipknot-Slayer-styled guitar work that played a huge part in the band’s first accomplished song, “Every Which Way.” Sean (Shitloxx), the band’s bass player grew up learning classical and orchestral style bass. He brought forth a sound that could be compared to the likes of Mudvayne and Primus. Freddie (Shitstixx), inspired by the nu metal scene brings so different a sound, it can only be described as an amalgamatio of all styles of music from rock, to swing, to reggae. The voice behind the music, as brought by Wes (Beast), has been compared to such bands as Deftones, Killswitch Engage, Sevendust, and In Flames. With everything from soft melodic singing, to harsh in-your-face screaming, Wes’ vocals go to each end of the spectrum and back. The icing on the diM. cake and also the last member to join is keyboardist, Woody (Darkstar). Influenced by new metal bands like Limpbizkit, Deftones and Slipknot, Darkstar also brings a goth influenced industrial element to the music, with distorted keyboard and samples that sound like recordings from a torture chamber. By keeping an open door policy for those interested, diM. made a following for themselves simply by turning each practice into a show.

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Bones – Guitar
Knuckillz – Drums
D4rkst4r – Keyboard
Beast – Vocals
Shitloxx – Bass
Shitstixx – Drums
2006, Las Vegas, NV
Horror films, national news coverage and the metal music genre
Current status
Writing new music