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The Divebombers

The Divebombers

Genres: Hardcore, Punk
Web site:

If you want to know the real beginnings of The Divebombers, you'd have to go back about six to seven years when the three of them either were in a band together or in the same band at different times. They along with the brainchild of the first band, Chris, were all in high school. Ed, Sloth, and Chris were juniors and Rudy was a sophomore. Rudy actually became their drummer the next year, because Ed did very poorly on drums, so he started playing bass while Sloth took a hiatus.

The first band didn't last very long. Poor memory limits the band from remembering why though. Ed, Chris, Rudy, and Sloth went on to form different bands.

2007 marked the beginning of the Divebombers. Sloth, Chris, and Rudy were the line up. Early 2008 marked Chris' departure and Ed's entrance.

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Can't Wait to Let You Down
No Hope No Fear
Where It All Falls Apart
Sloth – Guitar, Vocals
Special Ed – Bass, Vocals
Henrificus – Drums, Vocals
2007, Las Vegas, NV
Current status
performing, writing songs