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Genres: Experimental/Noise, Hardcore, Metal
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Considering how many bands come and go within the Las Vegas scene, it's hard to think that there are any stable bands anymore. Although some upcoming bands have amazing talent, Dreamscar has set themselves a part. Since being established in 2005 they have reinvented themselves many times, finally settling on the stacked line up many fans see today. This along with their musical talent has made themselves a standard of achievement rather than just another band.

The name Dreamscar came about through conversation. It was something that Pat thought of a while ago; when it was introduced to the other band members it stuck and Dreamscar was born. So what is Dreamscar? It is described as a dream that stays with a person, good or bad; a dream that will forever be in one's mind. The band Dreamscar hopes to do just that. Through their music they hope to make an impression that will stay with fans, old and new.

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Ashley Shadwell – Vocals
Patrick Crisci – Vocals
Marissa Rusch – Keyboards, Synthesizer
Harvey Thibault – Guitar
Ryan Revere – Guitar
2005, Las Vegas, NV
Slipknot, Korn, Metallica, The Doors, No Doubt, and Seether
Current status
performing, recording