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Genres: Hip hop, R&B
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Felina is Heat City’s queen of the R&B/Hip Hop combination. Originally from Los Angeles, CA and now in Las Vegas, Felina has become a local celebrity throughout the city. She has performed in several venues and has been featured on the hooks for many prominent MC’s, allowing her to master the art of adaptation bringing about a new creation of the R&B/Hip Hop combo. With a unique sound made to grab all ages and ethnic backgrounds, Felina is bound to crossover. Songs like “Boy Friend” featuring The KingPin attract anyone in love, “Love At First Sight” reminisces about falling in love on sight, “Dangerous” covers thug love, and many more. To all you R&B fanatics, prepare to add Felina to your list of Divas; she is definitely here for the long run.

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Count Da Ways
Felina – Vocals
2005, Las Vegas, NV
Mary J. Blige, Diana Ross, Faith Evans, Aretha Franklin
Current status
Recording and touring