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Gray Matter Academy

Gray Matter Academy

Genre: Indie rock
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Gray Matter Academy is the latest musical endeavor of singer/songwriter Jamie Paris. In 2006, Paris began as a solo acoustic artist playing local coffee shops, open mic nights, bars and house shows. Paris decided to form a full band in early 2007. The band went on to play shows in Las Vegas’ underground Indie scene, performing at venues like University Theatre, The Freakin' Frog, The Box Office and Las Vegas' monthly event First Friday.

After the band went through several lineup changes, Paris made plans to record an EP and entered Atwood Recording Studio in December 2007 with the help of producer/engineer/drummer Trevor Mayfield (Cherry Hill, Magna-FI, Twentymule Team), guitarist Charles Henry (Modern Science, Red Means Go, Blue Man Group Band), bassist/keyboardist Ian Tyler (Red Light School District) and singer/songwriter Jessie Lee. Six months into recording the album’s progress was hindered by several conflicts. In the winter of 2008, with little more than half of the record tracked, Paris was forced to find another studio to help finish his EP.

Tyler was eventually hired to finish the recording process and much of the EP was completed at his home studio. Justin Powell (The Cab, In:Aviate, Big City Kids, A Thorn for Every Heart) was later hired to mix and master the record.

After almost two years in the studio, Paris completed the eight song EP but now had the task of replacing Mayfield, Henry, Tyler and Lee since they were only available for the recording process. After weeks of searching, Paris was able to recruit Andy Gomez (Super Martian Robots, Blue Man Group Band) on lead guitar and Micah Malcolm (The Quitters) on drums. Will Leahy was later recruited to take up the bass. With a full band solidified, Gray Matter Academy was chosen as the name to represent the quartet. Since its inception, GMA has made regular appearances at local venues like the Beauty Bar and the Bunkhouse Saloon.

The band’s debut, Show Your Insides EP, is a revealing chronicle of Paris’ personal experiences and thought process preceding the start of the recording process.

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Jamie Paris – Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Andy Gomez – Lead guitar
Robert Gomez – Drums
James Dunbar – Bass
Danielle Usiak – Piano, Vocals
2009, Las Vegas, NV
Built to Spill, The Strokes, Radiohead, Death Cab For Cutie, The Beatles, Bright Eyes, Weezer
Current status
Writing, performing
Show Your Insides EPShow Your Insides EP
Released: 2009