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Hetfield's Beard

Hetfield's Beard

Genres: Metal, Rock
Web site:

Hetfield’s Beard began in the middle of 2008 in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada, by four frustrated musicians with the desire to play and perform. The band is comprised of Mark Bazar (bass/backing vocals), Milez Lanham (rhythm guitar/lead vocals), Johnny Lazootin (drums), Cornelius Harvey (lead guitar).  What do you get when these four hit the stage?  A heart pounding adrenaline pushing thrill ride!

Hetfield’s Beard started much like the real Metallica, when the drummer (Johnny Lazootin) and the rhythm guitar/lead vocals (Milez Lanham) got together.  Lanham’s actual intent was to get his original project “Inhuman” off the ground.  Determined to find musicians, he found an ad seeking a James Hetfield type guitar player and vocalist. The two joined up to discover they had a common interest- Metallica.                                      

Shortly after, Johnny and Milez began auditions to fill the positions for lead guitar and bass.  The pair turned to friends to find the perfect match, where several auditions were held.  After weeks of disappointments, Mark Bazar, a high energy power ball walked into the rehearsal studio and blew the doors down with his ability to command the heavy low end needed to pay justice to metal masters Metallica.  Not long following, another mind blowing musician joined Hetfield’s Beard, the quiet but not so shy Cornelius Harvey (lead guitar) walked into the bands life. The rest has been a non stop pursuit to be the best at what they do…

“This town deserves a better class of musician… And we’re going to give it to them.”

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Johnny Lazootin – Drums
Conelius Harvey – Guitar
Mark Bazar – Bass, Vocals
Milez Lanham – Guitar, Vocals
2008, Las Vegas, NV
Current status
Local and out of state gigs plus a tour of India in 2009.