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Jacob Smigel

Jacob Smigel

Genres: Folk, Indie rock
Web site:

"Songs are gifts, and I shuffle along awkwardly to bear them. I like stories, songs that have stories behind them, and songs as stories." - Jacob Smigel

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New Mexico (Live)
Jacob Smigel – Various instruments, Vocals
Coyle & Sharpe, Las Vegas Club (Joe Kendall), John Prine, Paul Simon, Smog, The Mountain Goats, Deer Tick, Lee Hazelwood, Found Sound, Black Camero, New Mexico (The State), William Saroyan, A Crowd of Small Adventures, NatrixNatrix, Shivers, Longmont Potion Castle, Jason Anderson and French Quarter.
Current status
Attending medical school in Arizona. Writing/performing/recording on the side.
Hope This Passes the Secretary...Hope This Passes the Secretary...
Released: 2009