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Jaggedy Ann

Jaggedy Ann

Genre: Rock
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Jaggedy Ann just toured through New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia last year to promote their debut album Boiling Point which was recorded last year with Phil Rudd, the drummer of AC/DC. In 2004, Jaggedy Ann played in the first World Battle of the Bands competition in L.A. and hoped they would do well and get to play crowds outside their hometown of Las Vegas. Little did they know that this would begin the adventure of a lifetime, the sort of things that most bands only dream of. Jaggedy Ann ended up wining the USA leg of the competition and were flown to New Zealand to compete in the world final. Phil Rudd of AC/DC was present and the finals and was blown away by this high-energy female rock act- so much in fact that he offered to produce their album. They completed an Asia Pacific tour and ended back up in New Zealand where they recorded their debut album. In December of last year, Jaggedy Ann won Best Female Front Person, Best Female Vocalist, and was nominated Best Female Guitarist and Best Female Bassist by Rock City New Awards out of Los Angeles.

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Shot of Gasoline
Sin City
Gayla Dawn – Vocals
Leona Marie – Guitar
Claudia – Bass
Holly Nichole – Drums
2003, Las Vegas, NV
Current status
Touring and writing
Boiling PointBoiling Point
Released: 2007
No Album ArtThe The Boiling Point 2007
Released: 2007